Criteria for the place Hagoth


It was on the borders of the land Bountiful, by the land Desolation, and  near the narrow neck of land (Alma 63:5).


The ships were built and launched on the west sea (Alma 63:5).


It was a safe harbor where ships could be launched and return (Alma 63:7).


Hagoth is unique in the Book of Mormon as a ship builder among a nation of farmers, herders, warriors and merchants.  He apparently established a colony on the west sea coast, near the border of Bountiful and Desolation, and close to the narrow neck of land.  There he built at least four ships.  These were apparently used by the Nephites for immigration and shipping to the north countries.  Two of these ships were lost and never returned.  Some feel that these lost ships were the origin of the Polynesians.  In our model these events would have taken place on the Bay of Salinas, west of the town of La Cruz, and possibly at an archeological site near the ancient cemetery of Las Pilas, which dates to this period.  This is the northern most bay on the western coast of Costa Rica.  It is a beautiful small horseshoe bay protected from the open seas and ideally suited for Hagoth's purposes.