Land of First Inheritance

Criteria for the land of First Inheritance.


It was probably located on the Pacific Coast of southern Central America.


The Nephite faction left there after a short time and traveled eastward to the land they called Nephi.  (2Ne. 5:5-7).


It was probably south of the South Wilderness, and far south of the land of Zarahemla.


The Lamanites did not maintain that land as their capitol for by 90 B.C. the Lamanite king was ruling out of the City of Nephi (Alma 22:1).


It was westward from the land of Nephi (although this may refer to the greater land of Nephi).  (Alma 22:28)


According to my model, the Nephites would have disembarked on the Pacific coast of southwestern Costa Rica near the Osa Penisula. Some of the older archeological sites of the region are found is this area.  I believe that the site of Curre (14) on the Terrabe River was the first Lehite settlement.   This area would have been the Land of First Inheritance.  As the population increased, the Lamanites spread out from this location. Early on the Nephite faction separated from their Lamanite brethren and traveled "many days" eastward to the land which came to be known as the Land of Nephi. There they established a new and safer homeland which they inhabited for almost 400 years.