Land of Gideon.

Criteria for the land of Gideon.


It was situated east of the River Sidon and about a days journey from Zarahemla, (Alma 6:7).


A trail led southward from Gideon to Manti, and also to the land of Nephi (Alma 17:1)


The Land of Gideon was at a higher elevation than the City of Zarahemla (Alma 62:6-7).


It was near the hill Amnihu (Alma 2:15-20).


It was located between the city of Zarahemla and the city of Minon (Alma 2:24).


Near the modern city of Turrialba the Reventazon River splits into four branches. These four tributaries spread out like fingers draining the rainforests on the north flank of the Talamancan Masif.  To the east is the Tuis River, next the Attiro, then the Pejibaye, and to the west the Rio Grande de Orosi. It is proposed that the City of Gideon would have been somewhere near the modern town of La Suiza in the valley of the Tuis River.  This is also one of several ancient trails leading southward to Panama.  The archeological site of La Guardiria (7), near the mouth of the Tuis River, may have been the city of Gideon, however, it is not higher than the proposed site of the city of Zarahemla.