Costa Rican Area Archaeological Sites.


Arenal Region, Costa Rica.  Remote Sensing finds ancient trails.  This method could be used to locate circular fortifications surrounding ancient Nephite cities.


Other Book of Mormon Geography Sites


There are not many Book of Mormon geography sites representing all the various theories, but some of the better ones are listed below.  If you come across one which should be on this list, I would love to hear from you.  A word of caution:  if you do a search for this subject, the majority of hits will be anti-Mormon sites so be forewarned.


Latter-day Counsel. A subsection of this page has lists, scripural references and information on BofM geography.


Come to Zarahemla by R. G. Grant. Favors Tehuatepec theory.


DIRECTIONS: A STUDY OF BOOK OF MORMON GEOGRAPHY by Gaylord E. Shaw, Ph.D.  An Internal study.


Proposed Book of Mormon Geography by Joel Hardy.  Short page with internal map (map after Hammond ?).


Times and Seasons article wherein Joseph Smith discusses Stephen's Incidents of Travel in Central America and suggests Zarahemla in Central America.


FARMS.  (Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies) Many articles regarding BofM georgraphy.


Nephi Project.  Focused mainly on Lehi's route in Saudi Arabia.  Also a new theory of Jaredite route.