The Combined Cities of Mulek, Gid,

Omner, Morianton and Lehi

Criteria for the Combined Cities


They were on the east on the borders by the seashore (Alma 51:26).


They were built for defense and were probably about a days journey apart (Alma 50:9-11).


Mulek was less than a day's journey from the city of Bountiful (Alma Ch. 52).


Lehi and Morianton were probably built in close proximity to each other (Alma 50:25-36)


These cities were all fortified with a ditch, mound and wooden palisade (Alma 51:27, 55:25-26).


They were arranged in order from south to north Nephihah, Lehi, Morianton, Omner, Gid and Mulek (Alma 51:26).


About 70 BC the Nephite General Moroni, in order to secure his borders, drove all the Lamanites, who had been infiltrating the east wilderness, south to the land of Nephi.  Then he established a series of cities on the east coast to protect the land from further incursions. This included the cities of Moroni and Nephihah, which are dealt with elsewhere, and the cities of Lehi, Morianton, Omner, Gid and Mulek, going northward.  John Clark (18) has suggested that these cities were spaced strategically at about a days march apart.  These cities were all located "on the borders by the seashore".  The cities of Lehi and Morianton were apparently twin cities, built adjacent to each other.  They may have been segregated Mulekite-Nephites cities.  It is said that the city of Lehi was built "in a particular manner" which is a strange phrase and probably indicates that it was somewhat unusual (perhaps being a twinned city with Morianton).   The cities of Lehi and Morianton were so close that they had boundary disputes over their lands which eventually resulted in the Moriantonites rebelling and trying to flee to the land northward.  These cities were all taken by Lamanite forces during the wars of Moroni, but later recaptured.  They were all fortified with Moroni's normal ditch-mound-palisade defense system.  Mulek, the northern most of these cities, was a day,s journey or less from the city of Bountiful, apparently toward the northwest.  These cities were probably all located within the land of Jershon (although this is not defined) and were south of the borders of the land of Bountiful.