Land of Ammonihah

Criteria for the Land of Ammonihah.


It was 3 days travel (apparently on foot) from the city of Melek, on the north of the land of Melek (Alma 8:6).


It was probably on the western border of the greater land of Zarahemla (Alma 25:2).


It was near, and probably west of, the city of Sidom (Alma 15:1).


It was near the city of Noah (Alma 16:2-3, 49:12-14).


It was near the city of Aaron (Alma 8:13).


The wilderness abutted Ammonihah on the west (Alma 8:5).


There were 2 routes into the city (Alma 8:16).


It was fortified with Moroni's ditch and mound system (Alma 49:4).


This city was apparently located in the northwest portion of the greater land of Zarahemla.  It was three days travel from the city of Melek, on the north of the land of Melek.  It was near the cities of Aaron, Sidom and Noah.  Alma went there to preach to the apostate Ammonihahites and he and Amulek were imprisoned there.  When the Lamanites later launched a surprise attack on the Nephites, this was apparently the first city they encountered invading from the west wilderness.  They massacred the inhabitants and destroyed the city.  For some time thereafter it was uninhabited and was known as the Desolation of Nehors (the people were of the apostate Nehor religion).  Later it was reoccupied and Mornoni fortified it with his standard ditch-mound-palisade defenses.   According to my model, Ammonihah would have been located somewhere near the modern city of Atenas, west of San Jose.