City of Moroni

Criteria for the City of Moroni.


It was located on the shore of the east sea and was near the south wilderness of the Lamanites (Alma 50:13).


The land of Moroni bordered the land of Aaron, and the city of Nephihah was built inbetween (Alma 50:14).


Lehi was a nearby city to the north (Alma 50:15; 51:24).


Moroni was surrounded by a wall (probably the trench-mound-palisade fortifications of Moroni) (Alma 62:36).


There should be no surface archeological evidence for this city as it was submerged in the sea (3 Ne. 8:9).


The city of Moroni was built shortly before the time of Christ (about 70 BC), and was probably named after the great leader, Capt. Moroni.  It was located on the east sea near the border with the Lamanite south wilderness.  The land of Moroni bordered the land of Aaron, and the city Nephihah was built in-between.  It was also probably near the land of Antionum of the Zoramites, although that relationship is not explained in the text. This city was problably included in the land of Jershon, although this is not clear in the text.  It was at the battle of Moroni that the Nephites finally drove the Lamanites out of their lands following a long period of warfare.  It was at Moroni that Teancum was killed by the Lamanites after he had assassinated Ammoron.  At the destruction following the crucifixion the city of Moroni was sunk into the sea and all the inhabitants drowned.  It was apparently never re-established.  I believe that the city of Moroni would have been on the Caribbean coast near the modern city of Limon.