City of Nephihah

Criteria for the City of Nephihah.


It was located between Moroni and Aaron (Alma 50:14).


It was in the borders by the east sea, but apparently not right on the seashore (Alma 51:25-26).


There was a plain near the city (Alma 62:18).


The city had walls and an entrance (Alma 61:20-22).


It was south of the city of Lehi (Alma 51:25).


The city of Nephihah was founded sometime after 70 BC, and lay between the lands of Aaron and Moroni.  It was east of the city of Zarahemla and probably west of the city of Moroni.  There was a plain near the city, large enough for an army encampment, and the city was fortified with Mornoni's ditch-mound-palisade defenses.  It may have been located within the greater land of Jershon.  The string of cities north from Nephihah, which were founded during the time of Capt. Moroni to defend the east wilderness, were in order going northward, Lehi, Morianton, Omner, Gid and Mulek, all on the borders by the sea.  It was probably north of the land of Antionum (land of the Zoramites).  During the Lamanite-Nephite wars, shortly before the time of Christ, Nephihah was attacked and taken several times.  The city was large enough that the Lamanite forces could all be concentrated at one end of the fortifications, near the entrance, while Moroni secretly infiltrated his forces into the opposite end during the night.  My model would place this city near the modern city of Estrada on the Rio Chirripo, where the river comes out of the mountains onto the coastal plains. This is west of the modern city of Limon.