Land of Manti

Criteria for the land of Manti.


It was on the southern borders of the land of Zarahemla, at the head of the River Sidon, near the narrow strip of wilderness (Alma 22:27).


A trail from Gideon led southward to Manti (Alma 17:1).


To the south of the land of Manti, there was another valley along the course of the upper Sidon, with the hill Riplah on its east side.  (Alma 43:31-32) The battle described in Alma 43 and 44 was fought on the Sidon south of Manti. The route of travel crossed the river from the east to the west, and the route down to Manti from this point was on the west bank. The river was apparently fordable at this point (Alma 43:35, 40), and was large enough that the Lamanite dead could be disposed of in the river and be washed out to sea.


This land was located at the headwaters of the Sidon River, near the narrow strip of wilderness which separated the land of Zarahemla and the land of Nephi.  It bordered the South Wilderness.  It was apparently one of the principal cities as many events took place in or around Manti.  In this model there are two possibilities for the land of Manti. One lies in the valley of the Pejibaye River, near the modern town of Pejibaye (which is Indian for Peach Palm). The other would be on the upper Reventazon River near the modern town of Orosi. I tend to favor the later, although the criteria would seem to favor the former.