Land of Melek

Criteria for the land of Melek.


West of Zarahemla (Alma 8:3).


West of the Sidon River by the borders (on the edge of) of the west wilderness (Alma 8:3).


The land was large enough to contain the displaced Ammonites (Alma 35:13).


It was 3 days journey from the city of Ammonihah (Alma 8:6).


This land was west of the local land of Zarahemla, and west of the River Sidon.  The people of Ammon were sent there when displaced by the war between the Zoramite/Lamanite coalition and the Nephites.  Alma preached and baptized there before traveling to Ammonihah which was three days travel from the city of Melek.  My model would place it in the Central Valley near the capitol of San Jose.  I favor the ancient site of Pavas, which dates to the Book of Mormon period, as the location of the city of Melek.  The land of Melek would probably have encompassed the entire drainage of the Tarcoles river which encompasses the Central Valley, and runs westward eventually emptying into the Pacific.

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