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Criteria for the Waters of Mormon.


They were in the borders of the land of Nephi (Mos. 18:31).


There was a nearby forest or thicket in which Alma could hide (Mos. 18:4, 30).


They were were named by the king (Noah?) (Mos. 18:4).


They were seasonally infested with wild beasts (Mos. 18:4).


They are described as a "fountain of pure water" (Mos. 18:5).


Alma could teach a congregation of 450 at the place (Mos. 18:7).


It was at some distance, but probably less than a day's journey from the City of Nephi (Mos. Ch.18)


"And it came to pass that as many as did believe him did go forth to a place which was called Mormon, having received its name from the king, being in the borders of the land having been infested, by times or at seasons, by wild beasts. Now, there was in Mormon a fountain of pure water, and Alma resorted thither, there being near the water a thicket of small trees, where he did hide himself in the daytime from the searches of the king." (Mosiah 18:4-5.)   I propose that the small lakes at Volcan are the Waters of Mormon. These lakes are about 5 miles west of Volcan, Panama, and several miles from the ancient site of Barriles. They are formed by large volcanic springs (fountains of pure water–verse 5) and are a source of recreation for the local inhabitants. The immediate area is wooded, and is lush and green. Although it is currently on private property, public access is allowed.